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We help global businesses

Our Craft:

Translating insights into action.

We leverage our global network of industry experts to craft insights, ideas, and strategies that ignite long-term business growth.


the challenge.

We look at the big-picture conditions in front of you, carve out a reliable path forward, and pinpoint the right stakeholders to engage along the way.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Knowledge audit
  • Landscape + category analysis
  • Competitive research + analysis


the approach.

As an extension of your team, we’ll custom-design an approach that helps you achieve specific, desired outcomes for your project.


  • Online research
  • In-home research
  • Group interviews
  • Cultural + category immersion


your mark.

We create engaging deliverables that inspire audiences by telling captivating stories that live on long after the project ends.


  • Consumer documentary films
  • Infographics & Journey maps
  • Insight storytelling
  • Workshops
  • Deployment sessions

Our Perspective:

Context is everything.

The biggest growth opportunities come from zooming out and looking at the bigger picture. During each project, we think beyond the brief and consider the broader conditions affecting your business and customers.

Our Team:

Experience wins.

Teeming with

tenured talent.

When you work with IMPACT, you’re teaming up with seasoned and disciplined senior-level talent to lead your project—every time.

Joey Kelner
Managing Director

Chicago, IL

Natalie George
Insights & Strategy Director

Denver, CO

Emily Polander
Senior Insights & Strategy Consultant

Columbus, OH

Sophia Grace
Insights & Strategy Consultant

Denver, CO


with purpose.

We believe that deeper, long-term client relationships lead to more impactful work, and strive to play an embedded role, working alongside your team from start to finish.

Global reach.

Local expertise.

Our vast partner network spans the globe, allowing us to field projects in nearly any country and category.